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Improve Transparency with Soracom Napter’s New Audit Log Feature

SORACOM Napter has enabled users to remote access their cellular IoT devices on-demand safely and securely without having to prepare a server environment for close to a year now — yet we haven’t stopped making improvements.

One of Napter’s most recent upgrades was the three new data types added to the audit log feature: 

  • Created: Logged when an on-demand remote access entry is created.
  • Deleted:Logged when an on-demand remote access entry is manually deleted.
  • Expired: Logged when the on-demand remote access entry expires.

If you’re unfamiliar with the audit log feature, it’ll look something like this:

When it comes to security, we often receive questions like “when was my device remotely accessed?” or “how long were my devices  being remotely accessed”. Instead of keeping track in your own separate document, this brand new feature saves time by having all of the information readily available in the user console.

Plus, if you’ve been using the audit log feature already, these three new types will be added automatically without any update requirements on your end. Easy as that!

To learn more about the audit log feature (and all of our other exciting products), stop by our developer docs.