Improve IoT ROI with low data volume pricing from Soracom

We know that for early-stage IoT developers projects seeking a sustainable development path for their projects, improving ROI calculations is crucial. We also know that what’s good for developers is good for IoT, and we’re always looking to make life easier. We’re happy to be able to announce a revised pricing plan for connectivity to the SORACOM IoT Platform that allows improved ROI specifically for low-data-volume device solutions.



SORACOM connectivity has always come with four NOs, and those will not be changing:

  1. No contracts or lock-ups
  2. No monthly minimums
  3. No gotchas
  4. No escalating rate plans


New plan: key differences in keep-alive SIM fee and data/MB pricing

With this new low-data-volume rate plan, we are reducing the cost of maintaining cellular connection even further. Our existing USA plan of $0.06/day ($1.80/month) for keep-alive and $0.08/MB for data is being reduced to a flat $0.40/month for keep-alive, with data at $0.50/MB, billed by kB (as is the original plan).

Which plan is right?

Now that there are two plans, it’s important for IoT developers to estimate their monthly usage and select the right plan. With usage of 4MB/month or more, the original pricing plan makes better economic sense. For low-data-volume or infrequent sensor communications, the new plan can help to minimize daily cost and further improve a solution’s ROI, especially in early days.

But wait! There’s more!

SORACOM has always been available to you through your existing account, and the 1-, 3-, and 5-packs are still available there. However, we are pleased to also add the capability to buy directly from with similar fulfillment times. The buy-direct functionality allows for those customers whose needs are more customized than what the Amazon sales channel permits.

Existing customers can now simply tell us what you need directly from the console. Here are some illustrations to show you how the order process works now.



Nothing’s changed there: SIMs in standard, micro, and nano form factors.

Any further questions or doubts, you can always contact us here.

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