Asset Tracking and Narratives That Drive Product Adoption – CIC Episode 7

Connections in Connectivity, Asset Tracking, Episode 7

Welcome to the Conversations in Connectivity podcast! I’m your host, Ryan Carlson.

This a podcast for the IoT professionals and product leaders responsible for growing, executing, and – at times – educating others about the role that connectivity plays within their organization. You may not have a job title with ‘connectivity’ in it, but you have the battle scars to prove that you’re doing the job.

If you’re interested in learning how others are harnessing connectivity in the industries they serve, you’ve come to the right place! With Conversations in Connectivity, we give industry experts and IoT specialists a chance to talk about some of the ways smart devices and technologies are powering the modern world.

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In This Episode – Asset Tracking and Narratives That Drive Product Adoption with Nimblelink’s Tom Dever

In this conversation, I speak with Tom Dever from Nimbelink, a division of Airgain, and we discuss the world of asset tracking and how it’s used across various commercial and industrial industries. We discuss how great connected products can still fail due to a lack of buy-in or adoption from each major player within a product’s value chain. From OEM to distributor, to integrator, to field technician, to the end user — connected products will encounter a lot of resistance. 

As a bonus, after the interview, I asked Soracom’s own Nicole Young to weigh in on the conversation. She’s a technologist new to IoT, and together we reflect on the state of asset tracking. Nicole provides her own unique take on the topic, in what is an illuminating conversation for anyone interested in learning more about an outsider’s view.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn about asset tracking from an industry insider
  • Learn how building product narratives can drive adoption across a value-chain
  • The importance of stakeholder buy-in to a product’s success
  • And More!

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